Saturday, October 4, 2014

Windy Ridge Band Maine

Special No Interest Financing for Homeowners and Contractors

Sandusky Police over stepping their bounds

Tiki carver makes art out of dead trees all over Tampa

Tiki carver makes art out of dead trees all over Tampa: The impressive Tiki carvings began appearing a few weeks ago in dead trees on public streets all around Tampa, tall and impressive Polynesian carvings of fierce-faced tikis in old palms from Ybor City to downtown to Davis Islands. Turns out tiki artist and surfer dude Jeff Chouinard could not stand one particularly ugly tree he kept passing by, so he took to it with the small chainsaw he calls "Little Precious." Chouinard liked it so much he's done 11 more, and even city officials seem to like them. [James Borchuck |]

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Toro Company Celebrates 100 Years of Growth and Success

Fuel Rewards - Cowboy

Sheriff Gualtieri on road patrol

Sheriff Gualtieri on road patrol: Since becoming Sheriff in 2011, Bob Gualtieri has been going out on patrol a few times a month to help keep him in touch with what his deputies experience every day. (October 3, 2014) DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Times

MacDill Refueling Wing meets USAF's Thunderbirds

MacDill Refueling Wing meets USAF's Thunderbirds: At 23,000 feet over the northern Gulf of Mexico 7 jets from the United State Air Forces Thunderbirds refueled on their way to an air show in Melbourne Florida. They refueled with a MacDill based KC-135 Stratotanker from the 927th Refueling Wing of the 6th Air Mobility Command. The KC-135 can hold 83,000 pounds of fuel. The fuel is fed to the Thunderbirds jet after pilot of the F-16 hooks up to a boom on the KC-135 and a boom operator in the back of the KC-135 controls the flow of fuel into the Thunderbird F-16. The KC-135 is capable of fueling many other aircraft including the B-52, F-117, A-10 and many others. The MacDill Air Refueling wing serves missions around the world including most recently refueling fighter jets involved in fighting the Islamic State.? [Skip O'Rourke |]